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"AlienSHit" "AlienSHit"

Rated 5 / 5 stars


awwww. It's so true. certain countries do that sort of thing. they get all the doh and the poor are left with nothing. at least that was my interpretation. Like your other two works, this one was great and FULL of emotion. :-)

Cube 2 : Hypercube Cube 2 : Hypercube

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Interesting, inaacurate though

I just watched the Cube 2 Hyperspace and then I saw this immediately after. Cube 2 does NOT have traps like in the first cube so this flash movie does not really reflect the movie at all. Also the girl in this (with the brown hair) is BLIND in the actual movie. However, the walls and everything like how the door opens is perfectly accurate

This next movie is waaaaay different than the first cube movie.

SPOILER: Don't read if you really care or are going to watch the movie:
This movie is more about the duration of realities in the cube as is "expires" and collapses eventually after a certain time (6:06:56) moreso than trying to escape from it in general. (did I mention that is WAS a spoiler??) ;-)